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Finding mold or asbestos in your home or business is a stressful experience. At Environmental Affairs, LLC, we want to help relieve some of that stress by helping you deal with these problems. We can test and treat any mold, asbestos, or air quality issues in Oakland County homes and businesses. This enables you to move forward with the knowledge that your family and customers are safe. We will always take you seriously and work diligently to solve your problems, as well as educating you about the dangers that air quality problems, mold, and asbestos pose to your health and the health of your family and customers. Reach out to us today, and let's talk about how we can address your concerns.

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B Jones
B Jones
Extremely knowledgeable, and saved basement!! Thank you Mike!!
Jake P
Jake P
Quick and professional!
Jay Bee
Jay Bee
We had a small amount of asbestos on the duct work in an older home. Mike handled the problem quickly and professionally. The two employees he sent to do the work were friendly, professional and thorough. I would recommend Mike's company in the future.
Mike from Environmental Affairs was super prompt and helpful in our time of need. We had scheduled floors to go in but then realized we had asbestos tiles beneath the carpet. The Environmental Affairs team was quick to come out and do samples and schedule an abatement and some sealing the day after Christmas. This ensured our new flooring could be installed. They should also get a shoutout for being very patient with my endless questions. Really appreciate it. Alec
Tyler Garris
Tyler Garris
Mike was able to get my issue tested, scheduled, and removed all within a week. I appreciated the transparency of providing me all test reports, licenses, and showing me exactly the areas of concern once he was here. His workers hired to do the removal were friendly, clear on what they were going to do, and did a fantastic job. Hopefully I don't have more asbestos issues in the future, but if I do, Mike will be the one I call.
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes
I just want to say thank you for getting this done in such a timely manner for me. The experience from the two of you and the two guys that we’re at my house was nothing short of perfect. The two guys made contact when at the house, when they left and we’re timely to the start time. Again I just want to say thank you all. And if I ever have another mold situation pop up or hear anyone needing this advice I will 100% recommend you guys Thank you
Scott Tweedy
Scott Tweedy
Mike was informative and quick to respond to questions I had after the estimate inspection. Barbie was helpful over the phone with planning the appointments and the work. The price was fair and the turnaround time was pretty good. Workers were polite and left the basement clean. Air quality report provided after the work was completed was easy to understand.
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Best Customer Service in Waterford and Beyond

There are a few different parts of our job at Environmental Affairs, LLC. From mold removal and education to asbestos detection and air quality control, we take every part of our job seriously. When you need a home or business evaluated for asbestos, mold, or air quality issues, call our specialists ASAP. We're proud to serve customers in Waterford, Grand Blanc, Detroit, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and all of Oakland County and Southeast Michigan.


Qualified Specialists for Asbestos and Mold Removal

Asbestos is no walk in the park. It's inherently toxic and dangerous for your family or customers to breathe in. However, if there's any asbestos lurking in your home or business, don't panic: Environmental Affairs, LLC, is licensed for asbestos inspection, testing, and removal.

We also provide indoor air quality services. We can test the air quality in your home and business and let you know why you might be experiencing physical symptoms. Whatever the issue, whether it's mold or asbestos, we can take care of it and provide you with strategies to achieve greater air quality control in the future.

Moreover, we're an IICRC-certified company, which means we're qualified to provide quality testing and removal services. We are certified mold inspectors, certified mold remediation contractors, and certified mold removal specialists. We have the specialized training to identify your mold problem, remove it at the source, and prevent it from growing back.

What really sets us apart from our competitors, though, is the range of knowledge of our team. In fact, we have a professional geologist on staff to help with advice, education, and decision-making, which makes our overall service vastly superior to our competitors.

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We Care About Your Family

It's right there in our slogan: We care about the health of your family, and we want to make sure we prevent any illnesses related to mold or asbestos, including mesothelioma, asthma, and other breathing conditions that can develop over time. 

At Environmental Affairs, LLC, we listen when you have a question or concern about the indoor air quality or environmental health of your home. We take each case seriously, and we work to deal with it urgently so the people and property you care about remain safe.

Part of our mission is education, so we'll be happy to teach you about the dangers of mold and asbestos, as well as removal and prevention techniques. 

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Environmental Affairs, LLC, is always going to deliver the highest-quality work possible. Plus, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. So, when you need a mold, asbestos, or air quality contractor in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan, call the professionals who care about you. 

For your convenience, we'll happily give you a free price estimate on your requested services. Contact us today to get started!

A note about our free estimates: Often, you may already have the mold or asbestos test results and you simply need to know the cost for asbestos abatement or mold remediation. This estimate is free if you can provide the square footage of the area that requires asbestos abatement or mold remediation. However, if a site visit is required, non-local sites may require a site visit fee so the site can be inspected and your quote will be accurate.